Read about the magic of friendship through poetic lines in this delightful poem about dogs.

a corgi dog
Photo by Pixabay

Joyful Tails

In fields of green and skies so blue, A furry friend, forever true. With wagging tails and hearts aglow, Our bond with dogs continues to grow.

Bounding paws and playful bark, In every moment, light and spark. Furry hugs and sloppy kisses, Oh, the joy that never misses.

Furry ears that listen well, Secrets kept, they’ll never tell. A loyal friend through thick and thin, In every loss, in every win.

Sunset walks and morning dew, Adventures old and adventures new. Underneath the starry night, Guiding us with love so bright.

So here’s to dogs, our pals so dear, Whose presence banishes every fear. In every woof and every cheer, A friendship that’s crystal clear.

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