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A Valentine's Day Poem
Photo by alleksana

“Guided by Love: A Valentine’s Journey”

Roses bloom, a crimson hue,
Love’s whispers, soft and true.
In every beat, a symphony,
A dance of hearts, in harmony.

Hand in hand, through time we stray,
Love’s compass guides our way.
A journey mapped in stars above,
A testament to eternal love.

Cupid’s arrow, a sweet surprise,
Sparks of passion in our eyes.
A love that grows, day by day,
In every word and every sway.

Chocolate kisses, sweet delight,
Wrapped in love, the day is bright.
From sunrise glow to sunset’s gleam,
Our love, a timeless, cherished dream.

On Valentine’s wings, emotions soar,
A celebration forevermore.
In love’s embrace, we find our tune,
A serenade beneath the moon.

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