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The Girl Who Loves Basketball
Photo by RDNE Stock project

“Dribbles of Joy: A Basketball Poem”

On hardwood floors, she finds her grace, A ballerina in a fast-paced space. With every bounce, a heartbeat’s call, A symphony of joy, she gives her all.

From three-point arcs to layup finesse, Her moves, a dance of happiness. In the rhythm of the bouncing ball, She finds her bliss, standing tall.

Through hoops of dreams, she threads, A journey where her spirit spreads. The swish of net, a melody sweet, In every victory and each defeat.

Her laughter echoes in the gym, A playground where her spirits skim. From slam dunks to a free-throw’s grace, She paints her joy on the court’s embrace.

A basketball dreamer, starry-eyed, In crossovers and layups, she takes pride. With a heart that beats to the bounce, Her love for the game, an endless ounce.

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