Read ‘Galloping Joy’, a delightful poem about horses that will make your heart race with happiness.

Photo by Jennifer Murray

“Galloping Joy”

Oh, horses! How majestic and grand,
With their flowing manes and sturdy stands.
Their strength and grace is a sight to see,
As they gallop and roam so wild and free.

Their coats are shiny, their eyes so bright,
Watching them run is a pure delight.
Their neighs and whinnies fill the air,
A symphony of sounds that we can’t compare.

From the fields to the mountainside,
These creatures of beauty, they never hide.
Their spirit and energy never cease,
As they roam with joy, living in peace.

Oh, horses! We cherish you so,
Your beauty and power make our hearts glow.
We ride on your backs, we feel so free,
Gallop with us and let us see.

The world through your eyes, it’s a wonderland,
A place of freedom and joy so grand.
Thank you, dear horses, for all you do,
We love and cherish each one of you.

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