Here’s a poem about coffee to help you start your day off right.

Photo by Chevanon Photography

“Brewing Happiness”

In the morning light, I start my day
With a warm cup of coffee in my hand, hooray!
Its aroma fills the room with joy and delight
Brewing happiness and energy to take flight.

From the first sip, my senses awaken
The bold flavor and rich texture unshaken
I feel the warmth spread throughout my veins
My mind alert and focused, ready to take on any pains.

A cup of coffee, oh what a delight
It gives me the energy to keep up the fight
To conquer the day with a smile and a cheer
And savor every moment with a heart full of cheer.

So brew yourself a cup of happiness today
Let the coffee aroma lead the way
And take on life with a renewed spirit
Ready to conquer any challenge and inherit.

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