Hop to Happiness: A Poetic Ode to Rabbits

In fields of bliss where sunshine’s kiss, Meets meadows green in morning’s bliss, There dwell the rabbits, a joyful band, Their fluffy tails, like dreams, expand.

Amidst the clover and daisies white, They gather to greet the morning light, With cotton tails and twitching nose, In nature’s embrace, their happiness flows.

Their furry coats, a soft delight, Glisten in the golden sunlight, As they hop and play, so carefree, A lively, boundless jubilee.

With ears alert, they stand so tall, Guardians of the meadow, one and all, Their whiskers quiver in the breeze, A tranquil world, they aim to please.

They nibble on the tender shoots, Nature’s bounty, their daily fruits, With gentle eyes and hearts so kind, Innocence in every hop they find.

Through tunnels dug with skill and might, They seek refuge from the starry night, In burrows warm, they cuddle tight, A family bound by love’s sweet light.

Their footprints etch tales on the ground, A story of joy in each hop they’ve found, They leave a trail, a legacy, Of boundless happiness, wild and free.

As seasons change, and years go by, In the meadow, beneath the open sky, Rabbits’ hearts forever sing, Of the happiness that life can bring.

So when you stroll through fields so wide, Let rabbits be your joyful guide, To find the bliss in nature’s art, In every hop, in every heart.

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