Shooting Hoops with Pam: A Happy Basketball Poem

Pam loves basketball with all her might,
Her skills are sharp and her shots are tight,
With every dribble and every pass,
She’s in her element on the court at last.

From layups to three-pointers, Pam can do it all,
She moves with grace, she never falls,
Her team depends on her every move,
And she never fails to improve.

With a smile on her face and a ball in her hand,
Pam is the queen of the basketball land,
She’s a true athlete, a champion of the game,
And basketball will always be her claim to fame.

So here’s to Pam, the basketball star,
With her talent and passion, she’s sure to go far,
And every time she steps on the court,
She inspires us to give it our all and never fall short.


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